We build this specification of engine to the same exacting standards as our standard engine, however, it has the following performance enhancements.� ED1 overlap fast road camshaft. �Improved mid range performance and torque without loss of smooth idle. Ported cylinder head to improve flow and increase power. Head is skimmed to 9.1:1 compression ratio. Flywheel is lightened by 20% to improve engine pick up and give faster power delivery. Pistons are lightened and balanced. Bored to + 0.100" over size making it 1350cc. New 43D distributor with modified advance to match camshaft.� These enhancements give an average increase in power of 15BHP and a sharper torque curve. We also supply and fit polished aluminium side cover plate and rocker cover. Rocker cover breather is optional.

XPAG & XPEG engine rebuild - Fast Road Specification