Need or want a 1466cc XPEG engine but cant find one?  Here is the answer. We will build you a fast road specification engine incorporating a brand new steel billet crankshaft that has an extended throw.  From standard 90mm to 96mm.  The bore size is kept to 1350cc so keeping the strength and reliability to the block. With the extended 6mm on the stroke it gives an overall 1466cc.

New forged pistons, lightweight and with a raised pin height to accommodate the addition stroke.


The price for this engine is based on an exchange bases, so we do require your engine to refurbish.   

If you don't have an engine to exchange or would simply like to purchase this engine outright, please contact us for a current price.


Please note these engines are built to order and therefore are not available from stock.

Please enquire for full details and current build time.

1466cc XPAG engine - Stroked crankshaft & rods