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We carry out all aspects of the rebuild to ensure quality, reliability and performance.

Engines rebuilt to standard, fast road and race specification.

Your engine is stripped, inspected and put through a deep chemical de-rust bath.

From here we can closely inspect all aspects of the engine unit and its ancillary parts.

The cylinder block is bored to the next size available, up to 0.060 over standard bore (66.5mm) if standard spec or 69mm (1350cc) if fast road spec.  

We can bore to any size up to 73mm and install sleeves / liners if required.

The top face is skimmed to ensure flat.

The con-rods are crack tested, checked for straightness and straightened where necessary. The big end is resized and honed to ensure true round and to make a perfect fit with the crankshaft.  New high tensile small end bolts are fitted along with our improved (race quality) big end bolt kit.  Then all four con-rods are balanced, both overall weight and end to end.  This is something most engine builders don't do on their standard rebuild as they look to cut costs, but we find this a must to give silky smooth running and idle.

The pistons are lightweight alloy, solid skirt with modern, thin rings fitted.

The crankshaft is crack tested, reground with the correct corner radius and end float machined.

The flywheel face is machined, a new ring gear fitted, a new clutch fitted and the whole crank, flywheel & clutch assembly balanced.

We fit our modification crankshaft oil seal conversion to both front and rear of the block.

The standard engine is fitted with our own design camshaft.  Based on the factory AEG122 cam, ours has slightly more overlap and higher lift.  This gives smoother idle and great mid range performance. 

Oil pump is fully rebuilt.  Top face skimmed and by pass valve seat re cut.

Sump is cleaned along with the pick up and splash plate.

New timing chain and chain tensioner are fitted and the timing checked and set at 106 ATDC

The cylinder head is subjected to our standard 'Lead-free' conversion.  This includes new bronze guides with modified lip seals, new stelite valve seats.  34mm exhaust and 36mm inlet valves.

The inlet ports are shaped to give improved gas flow creating smooth idle and greater top end performance.

New improved cam followers, new shortened push rods, rebuilt rocker assembly and improved water pump with six blade  impeller.


The completed engine is beautifully detailed in MG dark red (unless you prefer a different colour).  Dark sea grey, or BMC green.

It is then fitted in to our test bed facility where we can run the engine.

We test the engine through a hot cycle, cold starting and carry out pressure tests etc.  This allows us the ability to ensure that your engine is running as we would expect, ready for you to reinstall it to your MG.

We can at this stage (at an extra cost), set the engine up on your distributor and even your carburettors if you wish, so that you have a turn key engine, ready for easy instalment.

When rebuilding your engine every care is taken to produce the best engine possible.  We always use the best parts, gaskets, fixings etc.

We generally run at a six week turn around time for standard engine rebuilds, but its always worth calling us to get an accurate time, as we do get periodic times of the year when we may stretch to 8 weeks.

If you need an engine rebuild sooner than six weeks, please feel free to call us and we will try our hardest to accommodate your schedule.

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